Psoriasis Day UAE’s Case Study “2019”

Psoriasis Day UAE’s Case Study “2019”

  • In coincidence with the World Psoriasis Day, 29 October, the Emirates Dermatology Society was launching a huge media campaign within the UAE and the GCC to raise awareness of Psoriasis disease and its serious complications under the theme “No More Hiding” in all social media channels.
  • ``No More Hiding``

Psoriasis Day UAE

The campaign went through three important phases:

Spreading Awareness

Spreading Awareness Be aware… Get involvedBe aware… Get involved

Spreading awareness about psoriasis disease in society, also supporting people living with psoriasis to live their life again without restrictions.

Disseminate the correct information about it, answer questions and inform the patient about his condition so as not to be ashamed to talk about it. The spread of awareness is not only for the patient but also extends to those around him family members, colleagues, and friends to accept the symptoms of this disease.
The media campaign confirms that patients with psoriasis must continue the treatment seriously in order to avoid any complications.
One in 50 people worldwide (about 125 million people) suffers from psoriasis disease, one of the most common skin diseases caused by autoimmune disorders and its causes lie in part genetically and part immunologically.

What psoriasis community face?

What psoriasis community face?

Psoriasis may have a negative physical impact on patients and the effect is severe when psoriasis is as visible as on the face and nails.
Their pain is invisible, They hide their pain, and they always feel that they are unwanted because of their disease. Psoriasis patients may not have a restful sleep because of the desire to itch, which makes it worse.

Our adding value and solutions for the psoriasis community

The importance of this awareness campaign is that the greater the awareness, the greater the  possibility of recovery.
One of the aims of this campaign is not to give up the treatment because it means restricting the movement of the patient as the awareness is an important catalyst not only for the patient but for those around him friends and colleagues.
Giving a voice to the sufferers of psoriasis is one of the aims of this campaign by increasing the understanding and improving the access to the right treatment.

 This campaign pointed out that the voice of the patient should be heard, and we must support, accept people living with psoriasis.

TV Interviews

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